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Our core business is processing virgin sunflower cooking oil for the local and international market. Our unique power is to locally produce the best virgin sunflower oil that provides employment opportunities and enhances people health to remedy many diseases associated with chemically produced oils currently flooding our markets. But sunflower seed can be used to produce more than 10 other products. Though the focus is cooking oil, the enterprise is also currently producing soap, body jelly and body lotion from the sunflower seed by products. In the near future we hope to venture in animal feeds as well.


The core busines of Kamida Enterprises is to produce the best virgin sunflower cooking oil, the Kamida Fry. The company focuses on virgin oil production because of its medicinal nature in that state.


Virgin sunflower oil has numerous health benefits: it is 100% soluble fat and full of vitamin E, a fat-soluble nutrient that protects the cells from age-related damage. It has no cholesterol and can lower cholesterol levels in your body. It prevents arthritis, infant infections, colon cancer and other cancers. It is oil that repairs the body, provides healthy nervous system, It is oil that lowers high blood pressure oil that promotes heart health – it contains phytochemicals such as choline and phenolic acid, which studies have found to beneficial for the heart. It provides energy, strengthens the immune system and improves digestion   


Melonie: Body Lotion with sunflower oil

Melanie body lotion is a special blend of virgin sunflower oil and almond oil that leaves your body moisturized all day long. It provides skin care, reduces premature signs of aging.

Melonie: Sunflower Body Jelly

Melonie Sunflower Body Jelly is a body jelly recipe blended with cold press virgin sunflower oil. It is a body oil that hydrates, softens, prevents moisture loss, defends against external damage, and facilitates the skin’s regeneration. It is gentle enough to use around the eyes and in baby skin care. It is easily absorbed into the skin and evens out the skin tone It is used in nourishing and soothing dry hair and scalps.

Lily: Sunflower Bathing Soap

Lily Bathing Soap is a sunflower – based bathing soap blended with organic herbs, powdered sunflower seed cake and activated charcoal

Lily: Sunflower Bar Soap

Lily Bar Soap is made from sunflower oil, blended with activated charcoal. Its good for washing utensils and clothes


We provide sunflower seed cake which has high protein for animals. Sunflower oilcake in young calves and heifers can be used as the sole source of protein in dairy cattle rations. The oilcake of sunflower is very useful in many dairy cattle rations and can provide nitrogen required by rumen microbes in the form of rumen-degradable protein. Seed cake increases milk production in dairy cows. Feeding sunflower seed cake to dairy cattle increases the energy content of the diet of high-producing dairy cows and may boost milk production by 3-5%.

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