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Kamida Enterprises Limited was established in 2017 to manufacture virgin edible oils as well as produce other by-products from such oils, including animal feeds, soap, and body oils. While the company has been producing virgin sunflower oil and raw seed cake as dairy and poultry feed rations since its inception, it is currently developing new products in body oils.

The enterprise is a joint venture with the Centre for Regeneration and Empowerment of Africa Through Africa (CREATA) and its partners, with whose support the business was established. The sunflower oil business was mooted as a three-faced social enterprise, modeled to address food-security, job creation and to support sustainable Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) in primary schools in Migori County, through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program.

We foresee that the sunflower oil business will address food insecurity and joblessness by promoting the growth of sunflower as a cash crop, encouraging bee keeping, encouraging intercropping with other food crops, and steering value addition to enhance food security among local farmers. This will create jobs in the value chain, especially for women and youths. As a social enterprise, the business is pegged on a strong CSR that supports football and WASH in public primary schools through a public-private partnership (PPP) arrangement to enhance a better learning environment, and improve the health and academic performance of school-going children. The CSR component is implemented by our partner, CREATA.

Our Vision

Our vision is healthy and economically empowered communities

Our Mission

We exist to manufacture quality edible virgin sunflower oil and to develop associated sunflower oil products such as soap, body oil, and animal feeds that satisfies customer need. Our unique power is to locally produce the best virgin sunflower oil while employing practices that create employment opportunities, mitigates climatic change, enhance peoples’ health and prevent many diseases associated with chemically produced oils currently flooding our markets.

Our Values and Business Principles

  1. Innovation
  2. Health
  3. Team spirit and collaboration
  4. Respect for clients and client satisfaction
  5. Staff personal development
  6. Integrity in business processes in pursuit of healthy foods and products
  7. Respect for and conservation of the environment

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